JD's AR15 Rifle
Action: Upper & Lower Matching Set in Nickle , Bronze, and Black
Barrel Type:  R5 rifling #3 to #5 contour barrel
Stock: Hogue hand grip , locking 6 position  Butt  stock or Mag Pull adjustable rifle stock, and Slim Key MOD with two rails
Trigger: Adjustable 3 lb  with anti-rotating pins
Bolt Carrier: Titanim  bolt Carrier 
Charging Handle: Tactical Charging Handle
Magazine Options
Barrel  length Options
Barrel Types: R5 rifling #3 to #5 contour barrel
All AR Style Custom Rifles come with a 1/2" to 3/4" MOA at 100 yards with proper load development
Call to Order (620) 421-2322